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Our Collection consists, for the most part, of books which are Christian in content and/or perspective.  However, we also include books we deem to have literary value and while not written specifically from a Christian perspective, do reflect biblical values.


Children’s Collection

In our Children’s Collection, you can find:

  • JE – Picture Books
  • ER – Easy Readers – books for children just beginning to read.
  • – chapter books for elementary-aged children, including fiction, non-fiction and biography.

Young Adult Collection

  • YA – Young Adult.  This collection consists largely of fiction and a number of non-fiction items.

Books for Adults

We have a large fiction section for adults, with books by many popular authors.  Included are romances, mysteries, thrillers, historical novels and more.

Adult Non-Fiction

Our Non-Fiction shelves include a strong selection of books in many categories, including, among others, parenting, marriage, Christian Life, Biblical Studies, reference books, devotionals, and  prayer.

Reading Activities for Children

  • Pre-School story time  – during Sunday School – each week, a different class comes to the library for a 10-minute story time.
  • Battle of the Books – a summer reading program for children from K-grade 6, which involves reading an assigned list of books and participating on a team to answer questions about the books.
  • Teen Book Club – also a summer program, for students in grade 6-12.  Three books are read and discussed during the summer months.


Abbreviations are used in the various categories to make it easier for you to locate particular topics or areas of interest.

BSR – In Non-Fiction, there is a section of Bible Study Resources, where you can find study guides of various kinds. These books have a BSR label at the top of the spine.

PER – Our PER (Parenting and Educational Resources) section provides assistance to parents in such areas as home education, character building, the facts of life, and family devotions.  Look for the PER label at the top of the spine.

16+ – In Adult Fiction, you will see some which with a 16+ label on them.  These discuss subject matter that we do not consider to be appropriate for young teens.

Series Labels – Love to read all the books in a series?  Then look for the series labels in Adult Fiction.  These are at the top of the spine and indicate the series name, along with the volume number of that particular book.

New Books – There are various areas where new books (added in the last six months) books can be found:

  • the black cart
  • the bookcase just  behind the cart, on the side facing the librarians’ desk
  • the small white bookcase just inside the   door (children’s books)
  • in YA, standing up on the shelves.

Be sure to check these areas regularly!

Disclaimer: Library items are offered as a service of convenience. No endorsement is implied.
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