Faithfully Following the True Gospel

Faithfully Following the True Gospel

The Posture of Standing for the Truth

Amen. It was some great singing, indeed. Growing up I loved to watch a good spy movie. Who am I kidding? I like to watch a good one now. You know those movies where an agent from the U.S. government or British government had a special job to do and usually involved infiltrating some foreign government or evil empire. And it was really a special kind of individual, right, an elite person who had all kinds of special tools. And…

The Supernatural Transformation by The Gospel

Fantastic job of singing there. That was a great song of repose. July 20, 1944, a group of German officers attempted to kill Adolf Hitler and seized control of the government. You might have seen this dramatically portrayed in the recent movie that Tom Cruise starred in Valkyrie. He was played in that movie by a man named Claus von Stauffenberg. Born to the German nobility that was eventually abolished after World War One. But von Stauffenberg loved his country.…
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